Our Clients

We work with visionary blockchain brands offering cutting edge solutions to the market

Lendroid is a protocol for decentralized margin trading. It is a protocol to open margin positions in a smart contract, allowing people to create “wranglers” that monitor the health of the smart contract.

With tagMonkey, businesses can now move away from slow and inconvenient inventory tracking to an RFID cloud-based solution.

Using the Aimedis platform, users can store, secure and share their medical information only with the people they want to share it with by using the Aimedis right management system.

Bibs is an online solution connecting events, brands, and athletes. An RFID solution to produce results.

Krosscoin is simply a framework which is consumption-token based which allows several application creators and developers to monetize any effective, functional and impressive component mainly in any application which is being run on any platform.

Etheavour is a financing, trading and investing platform. We combine the advantages of the blockchain technology with traditional financial products.

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